Thursday, November 10, 2011

How long those a vampire live?

There is a folklore that says that vampires never die, that means that vampires live a lot of time. Most of the vampires have more than 200 years, because if count from the time that there was a rumor that vampire exists until now it is a long time. That doesn’t mean that all vampires live forever, because as you can see in the past posts I informed you how to kill a vampire, that means that vampires can’t edge, but they can be kill by humans with wood stick, silver and etc. They could even be killed by themselves or by werewolves as I mention it before. Until now, we haven’t discover why if monster can die by edging then why vampires doesn’t; this have been a mystery until nowadays, even though we don’t care about that because many people from the world doesn’t believe that vampires really exist. This could be because they can’t imagine a vampire or a creature that doesn’t edge even if it have pass 500 years, so this could be a reason for many people not believing that maybe the vampires really exist. Even though we want to prove that they really do exist, it would be really difficult because those vampires can live a long time and if may realize at the last moment that the person we know was a vampire and wouldn’t have time to tell the others. Now, we can conclude that vampires can live as much as they want without edging, but they can also die by being killed by a person, werewolf’s or themselves.

Friday, November 4, 2011

How vampire reproduce and does they get in love?

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you like this new information that I had post. There is a folklore that says that vampires can’t get in love with humans, but with other vampires they do. Some movies about vampires like the one of Twilight or Dracula show and tell people that vampires can get in love with humans, but that is just a fantasy invented by a human. The way vampires can spread or reproduce is not as the way as human does it by having a baby. Vampires what they do is that when they drink the blood of a human, that person who had been bite by a vampire will become one of them after a few days later. That means there could be many vampires, because they don’t die and they can spread fast. Even though some persons who get bite by a vampire become one of them, there’s sometimes that gives a different result. Most of the times those persons who were bite by a vampire can die after trying to transform into a vampire. The reason for this is unknown until nowadays, so be careful always and don’t think that becoming a vampire is great, because you can die by time you are getting transform into a vampire. Remember that vampires can be in everywhere and they could be waiting for us for the best moment to attack us. If that occurs, you already know how to kill a vampire or how to identify them. Thank you very much and I hope you visit my blog next time.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vampire transform in to a human

          There is a folklore that says that a vampire can transform to a human during the day and live like human without the super power. Vampires have the ability to change from that frightening demon in to a normal person; while they are human they can be out during the day as much as they want.  Even though we may think that they could be dangerous because they would be strong that they could kill people in the form of human, then you are getting scary for nothing.  Vampire when they become human they would no longer have their super power, but with what we need to be careful is during the night. Vampire transformation is limited until night, when the sun is not out. If you had made angry a vampire during his human form, then you should be in danger, because there is a possibility that the vampire would come and hunt you or kill you. It could be a good idea for us to be good with every person, because we don’t know if the person you are bothering or making him/her angry is a vampire.
          Even though this is an old folklore we don’t know if it is true about this, because we don’t have enough evidence to proof that this is true. But the most interesting thing is that if this folklore was a lie then how a person could have imagined or created this folklore. I think that maybe that the person who created this folklore had seen something similar or he had really seen a vampire transforming in to a human.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to dress as a Vampire

          Hello, Halloween is coming soon, so I am going to tell you of how to dress as a vampire. First of all you need to have black t-shirts, pants or dress, in case you are a girl. After having the clothes wear it, and then you would need to change your hairstyle in order to look more as a vampire. If you are a boy then pull you hair back and put gel in the top of your hair, so the hair is maintain at the back; and if you are a girl then you would need to have a long black hair, which is smooth.
          Now we would start with the important details, which it would make you see as a real vampire; you would need false vampire teeth which you can put it on in your mouth sustained with your teeth. After putting on the vampire teeth, you would need to make up. Obviously, you aren’t going to make up as girls do normally, you are going to make up your face, neck, ears, hands and part of your body in which people can see your skin with white powder. Also, you are going to put a little bit of pink lipstick in your libs and stained with a bit of white powder, but if you are a girl you can put red lipstick which would make you attractive and it gives the feeling that you want blood; it can help you also if you make up your eyes with black eyeliner. Finally, put your coat, but something important is that it needs to be black from outside and red from inside; for girls it could be all black, but it needs to be smooth and thin. If you want to wear some accessories such as a ring or a necklace you can, but remember that it should be something that helps you look as a vampire.
          I hope you like it and it has helped you to have an idea of what you can dress in Halloween or how you can dress to look as a vampire. I would see you next week with more new information, which I hope that are of your interest.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who wins in a fight between a vampire and a werewolf?

One part of the twilight movie shows that the werewolf and the vampires doesn’t get well, because one of the vampires had kill one of their comrades and this have cause a war between them even nowadays. The werewolf and the vampires are very skillful and with great powers, they also have strong senses that it can help them in a fight, but the question is who is would win a vampire or a werewolf in a fight?
On the movie of twilight it shows that the vampires are stronger and have won many battles between werewolf and them, but this could be maybe because the werewolf didn’t know the way or method they could kill them until one day when one vampire started to teach them how they can kill a vampire. Even though they had showed them how to kill a vampire, it wasn’t for them so easy to kill a vampire, that even they could be killed by the vampires before they attack. That means that the vampires are stronger than the werewolf and maybe this could be because vampires are in human form and werewolf in animal form, the vampires can use hands, mouth and legs, but werewolf  are in disadvantage because they can only use they mouth and legs.
It could have been different if the werewolf were also in human form and have the same abilities as when they are in wolf form. At the end this could be concluded that the vampires are stronger and better than the werewolf  and if they have a fight 1 versus 1 between a vampire and a werewolf then the vampire would win, because werewolf have a big disadvantage as I mention it before. (PatissonRobert, JaymesKristen, LautnerTaylor)


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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Most Famous Vampire Movie

Nowadays there is a really famous movie about vampires which is name twilight and millions of people all around the world like it. In this movie it describe how it is a vampire, how they get in love and how they survive in the human world. This movie shows so many interesting things that we can also learn from it.
Twilight is a movie about a vampire family that is trying to protect humans from the other vampire who are just getting fun by killing humans and drinking the human blood. We can see through this movie that maybe there could be good vampires that are protecting us or maybe it’s just a fiction. Twilight is a very good movie in which it describes how vampires are; like the good vampire family they are trying to control their wish to drink blood or physically it describes that their skin are very pale, their hair bright on the sunlight, they are very strong and have strong senses.  It also shows in the movie that vampires can smell the humans’ blood and know which one have a better smell and it is the most delicious. It also shows that one member of the family of the vampire gets in love with a human and he is trying all what he can do to protect her and don’t make her become a vampire. This movie could be something real about vampires, but also it can be just a fiction, even though we can learn things from it even it is just a fiction, because there is not a establish theory about vampires.
There are so many characteristics shown in this movie about vampire and many of them I have mention it on the past post. Sometimes it is better to also learn things about vampires through a video or a movie in which we can see how they are or how can we kill them. I hope you have free time and watch the movie and you would realize new things about vampires.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vampires just drink blood

It is very common to hear that vampires get its energy from the blood, which it doesn’t matter if it is of an animal or human. Vampires do everything they can do get blood for them in order to get energy; it is said that they don’t eat anything else than blood.
Vampires like a lot the blood and if they don’t drink blood they can die, that’s why they go outside during night in order to get blood from animals such as cows. There is a folklore that said that cows becomes a vampire at nights, because they have been bite by the vampires and vampires cells had been spread through their body. Not only the cows, but also the humans who were bite by the vampires they become one of them; even though they are weaker than the real ones. Vampires can’t eat human food, but they get its energy and strength after drinking blood from anyone. Vampires always look for the best target whose blood smells so delicious and wait for the best opportunity in order to bite you and drink your blood. After they drink blood they don’t attack others, they are calm and satisfied, but if they are hungry even though they had drunk blood then they would look for another target until they get satisfied with it.
Vampires doesn’t drink just cows blood in order to leave humans live in a peace way, because vampires like more humans bloods that have a really good smell, which it makes them more hungrier.  That’s why humans started to study about vampires and become a vampire-hunter in order to kill vampires and protect humans. It is very important to protect those who have a really delicious blood that any vampire would like to drink it, because they are just a few of them and also because it can make them drink more blood from humans in order to find a delicious blood as the other one.

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